Skeleton Key Hawaii Haunted Attraction Presents – Mutant Massacre by Jorge Garcia

Skeleton Key Hawaii Presents

Jorge Garcia's

Mutant Massacre

Mutant Massacre by Jorge Garcia

Mutant Massacre by Jorge Garcia

Somewhere in the Pacific, on a remote tropical island, Romereau Genetics has been making cutting edge advances in DNA splicing. Funded by a shadowy governmental agency, their experimentation had withstood countless failures and was closing in on a breakthrough and the realization of a perfect killing machine... until an accident created something that couldn't be contained!

Welcome to Skeleton Key Hawaii Presents: Jorge Garcia’s Mutant Massacre.

The Haunt

Skeleton Key Hawaii and actor Jorge Garcia (Hawaii Five-0, Lost) return this October to Kailua, Oahu with a frightful all new themed haunted house attraction.

As with last year, all profits will go toward the nonprofit Kailua Onstage Arts Theatre (KOA Theatre).

Jorge Garcia's Mutant Massacre

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